Help Desk Process

A Help Desk Process provides users with the answers they need for their technical issue. Modern Help Desk Process also provides a tracking system, to actively monitor a certain problem area. Help Desk Process ticket is the phrase used to describe an electronic document that contains information about a request for assistance from a customer or internal end user. Such a ticket allows a customer service organization to better track and resolve issues such as defective products, software bugs, and the like.  The information on a Help Desk Process ticket is routed and tracked by a helpdesk system as it is dealt with by support staff. The ticket is assigned a unique ID number, so it can easily be followed through the system.

Here is an example of IT Help Desk Process.
Here you can find a help desk template description, which provides a very useful information of data, that are used in Helpdesk process.
Don’t forget the ITIL. I found some doucments about it on the web, but I am not the expert about ITIL. However in some documents I found that ITIL defines HelpDesk process as one of IT Services.

The complexity of the help desk process depends on many factors. The most importanta are the following:
– interanl or external customers
– local or global usage
– complexity of issues / questions
– products or services

Before you start designing the help desk system, create the proces model, that suites your needs. Typical proces states and their names are:
– registered / reported
– open / in proces / assigned
– escalated / reassigned
– on hold
– closed / solved

On each step of the proces we have to do some actions (creating task, sending e-mails, changing form data). The following picture shows a typical example:

How to realize HelpDesk in SharePoint 2010 is described here.

And a very useful demo is here.

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  1. Probably it may be interesting, there is ready-to-use help desk for sharepoint solution for issue tracking and trouble ticket processing:

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