Microsoft InfoPath 2010, Default values and Disable controls

I’d like to set the creation date field by default, whenever users create new help desk tickets. Besides that, the user must not change this value anymore. What I have to do is to disable this control,  when the default value is assigned. And that is not all! There is one more tricky thing. The default value must not chanege later, when the form is later opened again for updates.

To accomplish this we should take the following steps:

Assign the defult value by using functions “today()” (this functoin returns only date) or  “now()” (retruns date and time).

Uncheck the “Refresh value when formula is recalculated” in order to keep the value which was assigned at form creation.

Now, if you want to disable this control for editing, use the “Add rule” command and then formatting. I added condition to disable this control, when the value is not blank and that is immediately (when the default value is assigned).

This site was helpfull.

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