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Sharepoint 2010 publishing pages

Publishing pages are available only in publishing sites. In publishing sites, authors and approvers use the publishing feature to create content and then make it available for site visitors. Usually, a publishing site has an approval workflow enabled, so content is reviewed and approved prior to being published.

Publishing pages are created by using page templates called page layouts. The page layouts provide a consistent structure to all publishing pages in a site collection. Page layouts can be customized to contain fields contributors can use to enter their content, such as text, graphics, rich media, and more.

Publishing pages are the most structured of SharePoint content pages, both in terms of their layout and the process for using them. An organization or department uses a publishing site to ensure that authors follow a business process to release content in a consistent manner. Press releases are a good example of a type of content that’s ideal for a publishing site.

Sites that support publishing pages
Publishing site, publishing site with workflow

When to use a publishing page
Does your organization have a business process wherein the creation of each new page uses a specific, structured layout, and requires content approval before it’s published? If so, then you’ll need to use a publishing site. A lot of planning goes into the decision to use a publishing site, and if the inherent process and structure are not a requirement for your organization or department, then you’re probably using a different kind of SharePoint site, such as a Team site. If this is the case, you will be unable to create a publishing page in your current site.

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Google Charts

Using this address;chs=250×100&amp;chd=t:60,40&amp;chl=Hello|World” alt=”Pie Chart” in the browser you can produce the following pie chart. When using as post or on your web site you have to use this address with <img> tag.

Pie Chart

Here is a chart wizard.

SharePoint 2010, User Profile Synchronization Service fails to start

This instructions worked for me:

User Profile Synchronization Service fails to start in SharePoint 2010.

In order to avoid problems on the further steps, run IIS reset after these two User Profile services are Started.

Without IIS reset you get the following error when you select