How to force a web based InfoPath Form to open in browser?

I have a problem, that a web based form on some computers open in the browser and on the others computers in the InfoPath client. I’d like to open the forms on all computers by browser. Users use different browsers. At first I concluded that forms open in InfoPath only on those computers, which use IE8 browser (Firefox 3.6, IE7 and IE9 – opened the form succesfully). I upgraded IE8 to IE9 and the problem persisted. So, I cocluded that it is not the rule that it is a problem of IE8 browser. By the way, I configured the form library so as it is prescribed to be in order to open the form in browser. Here are some links that describe the same problem or are potential solution.

My next step is to try the following suggestion:

“I figured it out. You have to set the Display this as a webpage on the Form Templates (or whatever library is containing the actual Template) not just the list using it as a content type.  After you set that, it works.”

The problem is still not solved!


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Andrej Dobrovoljc

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