SharePoint Three State Workflow

Other descriptions:

Here is a simple description of »Three state« workflow how it works.

  1. Create a new »Issue« (before doing this assign »Three State Workflows« to »Issue tracking« list)
  2. Edit and save the item. When the item is saved, the first workflow is generated.
  3. A new item appears in the »Issue tracking« list.
  4. User receives an e-mail with instructions what to do:
  5. A new generated workflow appears in the »Tasks« list.
  6. In order to finish the task, open the task in edit mode.
  7. Set the status filed to »Completed«. The task is complete now and will made a change on the »Issue tracking« item. This item will go to the middle state and the second workflow will be generated.
  8. On the task list you can see that the first task is completed and the new one is here.
  9. At the same time the item on the »Issue tracking« list is now in the »Resolved« state. At the beginning it was in »Active state«.
  10. Let us complete the second task now.
  11. Both tasks are now completed.
  12. On the »Issue tracking« list an item is now in the final state »Closed«. The case is finished.

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