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SharePoint and Adobe PDF

The most common cause for an icon to not be displayed is a typo in the docicon.xml file. It’s caught me out a few times. Make sure you have the filename exactly right (step 3.4) and do check that you have definitely copied the icon file to the correct library (step 2.2). As long as you’ve followed all the steps, perform an IISRESET at the command line to restart SharePoint and all should be OK. Finally, if you have a farm environment, steps 1 to 5 need to be repeated on every server hosting an index partition (SharePoint 2010 now supports multiple indexing servers) and steps 2 – 5 need to be repeated on every search query server (receiving a copy of one or more index partitions). And when all have been updated, check the icon is displaying under file types, then perform step 6 on all indexing servers. After all that, PDF files should have the pdf icon displayed next to them in libraries and search results.

Another possibility (cause for an icon not to be displayed)  is using wrong quotation marks. Look what happened to me and I didn’t see it at once. Quotation marks in the first row are wrong.

Here is another important thing with the PDF icon:

  • If you have a server farm with at least one application and one web server, you have to add it on both servers
  • PDF icon will appear in the Central Administration on the “Manage File Type” list when you add the icon on the application server.
  • To see the icon in the library on the web page, you have to add it on the web server.

When all icons were in place and I thought the full text search was ready for usage, after the real search test I concluded that it didn’t find the text within the PDF document. I read through the Adobe installation instructi0ns where I read the following:

After installing the PDF iFilter, it is recommended that you set your system PATH environment variable to the “bin” folder of the “Ifilter” installation. For example, from the “Control Panel\System\Advanced\Environment Variables” tab, append to PATH “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for 64-bit platforms\bin\” and then restart the computer.

After doing this on the WFE server, the search began working! Doing this just on the application server is not enough. Then it will work only from the application server.

Finally, you HAVE TO run full crawl in order to get thee correct result (all content is included).

IFilters for other file types are listed on IFilterShop – IFilters and custom components for Microsoft Search products and services: SharePoint, WSS, Search Server, SQL Server, Exchange.

Instruction for Configuring Searh.


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