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SharePoint 2010, Site Workflow

Site workflow is connected to the site and we can use it to perform actions on different lists, libraries and items. In this short description I provide information how to create a new item on a list by using “Site Workflow”.

At first we create a custom list with the desired columns, which we will use in this example. Let say we have a list of ideas, that are submited by employees.

Now start editing the site in designer (SiteActions/Eidt in SharePoint Designer).

Create a new site workflow (Workflows/Site Workflow icon on ribbon). With this workflow we will “Create item” on the “Idea” list.

We will create a new item on one of the lists on our site. In our example it is “Ideas” list. We have to provide the user a special form to fill in the data, because our workflow is not connected to the list of ideas. If we would use a new command directly on the list, the new item form od that list is displayed. But in this case we have to use “Initiation Form Parameters” command. When the dialog opens, we have to add all the fields that we need from the user to fill in in order to create a new item on the “Idea” list.

Now select the desired list and connect parameters with the “Idea” list columns. In this example I connected only one filed (only Description filed; other columns take default values or are calculated).

When the workflow is finished, save it and publish.

To find the site workflows, follow the next pictures:

When you start the workflow, the following form opens. Fill it out and finish the form.

The result is a new item on the “Idea” list.

You can redesign form by using InfoPath Designer tool. Open the form from the SharePoint Designer.

Edit the form (e.g. insert text, format fonst, insert pictures etc.). When you finish editing, publish the form back to the workflow. How to do this properly you can see on the second picture.

Now invoke the site workflow once again. You will get the new form:

Of course, you won’t use “Site Workflow” just to add new items to the lists. It is just an example, how we can use workflows that are not connected to listst or content types and do actions on items in different places around one site.

There is one other important thing and that is how to simply invoke the workflow from anywhere on the site, by clicking on the link. Simply, copy the current explorer address when the site workflow initation form is opened and use it on menu or quick launch.

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