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Links list Web Part, Bullet form without column header

By default the list web part allows you to use standard views or you can customize it just for the web part. When the content on the list is a set of web links it is better to show the user only the items with the bullets on the left side and without the column header. Hot to do this:

1. Create the list of links

2. Insert the list web part on the page.

Here is the default view of the list web part.

3. Edit the web part and select the “Summary view”.

4. Here is the final result:

Sharepoint Weather Webpart

Google Charts

Using this address;chs=250×100&amp;chd=t:60,40&amp;chl=Hello|World” alt=”Pie Chart” in the browser you can produce the following pie chart. When using as post or on your web site you have to use this address with <img> tag.

Pie Chart

Here is a chart wizard.