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Excel, Sum best N numbers in range

Recently I faced an interesting challenge. How to create an Excel formula for calculating the final sum of the best N scores out of M (where N > M)?

The real situation is as follows. In our chess club we have 16 tournaments per year. The winner is the player who scores the most points in 12 tournaments. So, I have to sum the best 12 scores out of 16.

I was trying with different functions. An interesting one was the RANK.AVG function, which returns the rank of value in the specified range. With some additional formulas and a special transformation table I finally succeded. But …. It was to complicated and I was not happy with it.

As it is usualy so, I found another function after spending to much time.

The right function is LARGE or her sister SMALL:

The final formula in may case was:


(in the first step I sum all values and then subtract the four worst scores)


Excel, custom function (izdelaj si svojo funkcijo)

Včasih nam pride prav, da si v Excelu izdelamo svojo funkcijo. Ponavadi je to takrat, ko isto funkcijo potrebujemo v več celicah. Funkcijo izdelamo z Visual Basicom. Tukaj je nekaj enostavnih primerov:

Function MyStringA(Length As Integer) As String
'Funkcija vrne niz znakov x v dolžini Length znakov
       MyStringA = String(Length, "x")
End Function

Function VzemiFormulo(Cell As Range) As String
'Funkcija prepiše formulo izbrane lokacije
       VzemiFormulo = Cell.Formula
End Function

Function IsGreen(Cell As Range) As Boolean
'Funkcija preveri, ce je ozadje podane celice zelene barve
If Cell.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
      Then IsGreen = True
      else IsGreen = False
End Function

Funkcijo uporabimo v Excelu na običajen način, tako kot standardne funkcije:


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